Brent M P Beleskey

Brent M.P. Beleskey


Notwithstanding, production and investigative research work for "The Intelligence Summit" / "Spy Theater", Brent has a multi-faceted background in investigations, spanning over 38 years. He worked for 2 years as a consultant for the "Ontario Gang Investigators Association", which is part of the "National Gang Investigators Association" USA. Brent also has a background in Emergency Response, including a certificate for "Disaster Planning", from "Emergency Preparedness Canada College". Recently, Brent has become an active member of "Drug Watch International".

Wearing his media hat, Brent has produced and directed a broad variety of investigative research material, spanning formats such as documentaries, live talk radio, books, internet web development, internet radio, television, webinars, web conferencing and international conferences.

Most noted investigative work is a book by Paul Palango "Dispersing the Fog: Inside the Secret World of Ottawa and   the RCMP"  the author of the best selling books: "Above the   Law" and "The last Guardians".   In Dispersing the Fog, Paul Palango provides   answers to questions that have long simmered in the consciousness of Canadians.   Why was Ottawa so anxious to settle in the Maher Arar case? Why did governments   cover up the truth in Project Sidewinder, a joint RCMP-CSIS investigation? 

Palango builds on the powerful and influential arguments made in his   first two RCMP books, Above the Law and The Last Guardians, to show Canadians   why they should be concerned about the RCMP, its mandate, its performance and   its relationship to governments and politics. 

No other author knows the   subject matter better than Palango.
Dispersing the Fog is not just a book about the   RCMP, but a story about the political and justice systems in general and a   wake-up call for any Canadian concerned about the security and integrity of the   country. 

 In our post-9/11 world, Dispersing the Fog addresses the role played by RCMP   leaders, politicians and the media, who have all collectively failed to   recognize and address the very real and articulate concerns of Canadians from   coast to coast who have long questioned the ability or willingness of the RCMP   to carry out its duties. 

No one who cares about democracy and the health   of ones country`s guardian institutions can afford to ignore this book.


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