Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

Jesuit Pope Francis Declares: A "New Inquisition" A "New World Religion" A "New World Order" Under Islam! An "ISLAMIC NEW WORLD ORDER", Catholics Who Reject Islam Now Will Soon Be Charged With "Heresy"?

ISLAMIC CALIPHATE ALERT: OIC, Obama, UN, & Pope Francis !!

Prophecy in the News Dec 16 2013 Published on Dec 16, 2013

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ), which wants Jerusalem as the capital of their caliphate, is now on the world scene in unprecedented ways!


Major developments with the UN, Obama and his administration, and Pope Francis all show all eyes are on the center Jerusalem in which they all have a vested interest. Plus US plan gives Jerusalem holy sites to Vatican along with OIC muslim countries! For article links from this video scroll down to section "RELEVANT ARTICLE LINKS COVERED IN THIS VIDEO"


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The OIC and the Caliphate: 


UN Security Council Meeting on Strengthening Partnership with OIC, Ihsanoglu stresses OIC's commitment to active partnership and the need for UNSC reform:


Press Conference by Organization of Islamic Cooperation:


Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives:


Remarks at the Launch of the Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives:


Rashad Hussain's Troubling Ties:


OIC head meets with Pope Francis:


OIC chief praises pope's efforts to revitalize interfaith dialogue: 6


U.S. plan gives Jerusalem holy sites to Vatican:


OIC anger over Czech plan to move embassy to Jerusalem:


At United Nations, Organization Of Islamic Cooperation Calls For Ban On Insulting Prophet Muhammad:


Obama at the UN: "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam" Sep 25  2012:  


Islam and blasphemy:  


According to Islam "God has no son":,


Islamic states to reopen quest for global blasphemy law: OIC Blames Free Speech for "Islamophobia:



Barack Hussein Obama Declares at UN September 25 2012

OIC Seeks Global Watchdog on Free Speech

by Clare M. Lopez

February 20, 2013

The 57 members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) met in Cairo, Egypt February 6-7, 2013 with a full agenda of issues to address.

The U.S. Special Envoy to the OIC, Rashad Hussain, attended. One of the key takeaways from the two-day Heads of State Summit appears to be a renewed commitment to the Istanbul Process, the OIC-initiative to criminalize criticism of Islam globally. >MORE< 37

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