The Gang Religion of Islam by DANIEL GREENFIELD September 25, 2013


Killing non-Muslims is the point of Islam. To the extent that it has any point. That isn't to say that Islam doesn't preach the virtues of charity and love for one's fellow Muslim. It does. But its virtues are not original. Like most of the rest of the framework of it, they are lifted from existing religions. When the Sahih Muslim's Hadith quotes Mohammed as saying, "None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself"; it's a distortion of the Christian Bible. And when Obama quotes the Koran as saying, "If any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of a whole people," it's an equally shameless plagiarism of the Jewish Talmud. Like the Soviet Constitution's guarantee of freedom of religion, these are nice sentiments borrowed from other people and then not actually put into practice. The Islam that matters is the one that's put into practice not only at the World Trade Center or the Westgate Mall, but in the everyday lives of people in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Islamic violence we are told is an aberration. But it isn't. To the extent that Islam is anything, it is violence. Islam may have become a religion, but it began as a code. Like the Pirate Code or the Thieves Law of Russia, it was a set of rules that allowed a select group of bandits to choose leaders, plan attacks and divide the loot.  >MORE < Article 34

Daniel Greenfield is a blogger, columnist and freelance photographer born in Israel, who maintains his own blog, Sultan Knish.

Asian Community Give Up "Islamic Terror Gangs"

Tue, 2012-05-22 13:13 — editor

By Glen Jenvey

The time has come for the UK Asian community to help in the fight against Radical Islam and terrorism .We have seen over a number of years terrorist attacks and plots on the British people and we have seen in name of Islam British Muslims praise the 9/11 attacks and call the victims of 77 dirty homosexuals on video and the British police taking no action.One radical on audio tape even calls for Muslims to target the Queen

It is every British Asian's duty to inform on the radicals wherever they are in the UK ,funds from these terrorist supporters play a hand in terrorists attacks in other countries like India, Russia, Spain, Kenya, Yemen, France, plus a long list of other countries, and against NATO troops. Many Asian countries have strong military links with the UK and NATO countries .

What the British intelligence services are lacking is the Asian community coming forward with names and addresses of members of the many changing names of Al-Qaeda in the UK .It only takes one slip by MI5 and we will see another 77 on the streets of the UK. Many Asians will not approach the police or MI5 because they consider the police and intelligence services of the UK racist. MI5 has link's to both Asian intelligence services I worked for and are in fact not racist.

However you can contact the military attaché's office at your High Commission or Embassy, if your country does not have a military attaché in London, forward it to the first secretary, Asian diplomats will forward the information to the British intelligence services . You will not need to go to any court trails, you will not have the police call at your home , what you will see is Asian intelligence services tipping off yours and our Asian concerns about terrorism, drug gangs why drug gangs you may ask? Terrorist organizations are funded by their members and drugs.

As Asians you live in the same streets and community's as these radicals who support terrorism on a global scale it effects us as much as the rest of the British public and the events of terrorism have no borders so it effects the country's we come from before making our life's in the UK, where we still have relatives living.. Military intelligence is not political and has no hidden agenda against any faith

Take India who is a multi faith country with Muslims working in the intelligence services as well as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians. The doors are open and have always been open for Indians with information on British based terrorist organisations for Asians to come forward with their concerns and information's however small the links or large they will listen to you.this information will be acted on. Having pasted information to Indian military officers when the British police never acted a senior Indian general pasted the information to both the American and British you do not have to go to court or be in the public eye or write a book you don't even have to openly take the Mickey out of terrorists and become a fake Muslim even Patrick Mercer MP found this funny.

But you can become part of a important tool to the intelligence services by passing on information they can act on and become part of the biggest mafia family (The Military) which is made up of every family in a country in some way or other by informing on terrorists among us.

Russia another Asian country also have a respected intelligence service who I have had contact with via their London embassy with a Lt Col who was a army attaché , Russia had a problem with and still does today with funding coming from Islamic organizations funding terrorists in Chechnya and Terrorist attacks on Russia, I was told about a certain web-site run from the UK that it displayed dead Russian soldiers on film and the killing of dying Russian soldiers being filmed being shot in the head by Muslim extremists ,the terrorists would cut open the bodies of the soldiers and place their body parts on sticks for the camera beaming out of London with a American web hosting company .The British police never acted , took a tip off to the Americans for action Russia has one of the best known intelligence services you can forward information via email or phone +7(495)224 22 22

MI5 have and are warning the British public that's Asian's as well as we are part of this country that Al-Qaeda and Islamism extremists continue to view the UK as a legitimate and high priority target for attack both at home and abroad. Al Qaida presents the single greatest threat to the UK.

However, the increasing strength of Al Qaida affiliates, combined with the threat from lone individuals and Sunni extremist groups, It's our duty as British subjects to report every al-Qaeda supporter to our high commissions and embassy's if we feel we cannot go to the British police. Having worked for the NIBS and SIS of Sri Lanka on terrorism issues mainly concerning the Tamil Tigers LTTE ,I can tell you Sri Lankans and Indian's that your High Commissions and military intelligence services will work not just hard to protect their country's but will be the first to alert the British Government of any British based terrorist organizations exporting terrorism or ready to harm the British public like.

In Sri Lanka during the war with the Tgers information from London and other European city's would play out live in the media with mass arrests of terrorists linked to the LTTE offices abroad, human rights organizations did not like terrorists being arrested by men in black masks ,this action stopped many terrorist attacks on civilians maybe the British should learn from this before the next 77 attacks.

Information needed from the Asian community is simple things like names, addresses, phone numbers mobiles, email addresses, leaflets of radical events,dvds,bank account numbers, mosques that allow hate speeches, names of bookshops, names of left wing bloggers who support radicals, venues that allow radical meetings in your community's. Some might say why names? It's simple supporters of terrorism and left wing supporters of them will not be allowed to travel to Asian country's, their family members living there will be monitored and in some cases will be arrested if link's are found between British based terrorists and their family members living in Asian country's.terrorism is a global problem the intelligence services can only work well protecting Asia and Asians and the UK if you the community tip them off .

Don't believe all you hear from human rights organizations like Amnesty International as when I worked for NIBS I monitored the LTTE putting its members into Amnesty International to change policy on Sri Lanka many other terrorist organizations around the world also put members into human rights organizations to insult governments, my views on Amnesty is they are like so many Human rights organizations a insult to the real victims of terrorist attacks around the globe and no one takes any notice of reports written by terrorist supporters. Why I can say this is I was at a meeting between amnesty international and the Tamil Tigers in London.(Katherine Rd,. Eastham) The Tigers were even invited to the House of Commons by a Liberal MP and the Labor party via Robin Cooks office.

But you can help stop evil acts of terrorism a military attaché sat in London can only act if his phone rings or you book a appointment or email him, he knows you all face problems with racism in your community's caused by these fanatics and their actions. But being from Asia does not mean we support al-Qaeda supporters insulting British troops or burning poppy's, and we don't support terrorist plots to bring down air lines on their way to America from London planned in a London mosque still used today by Al-Qaeda members as I have been there.

It is our duty to point the finger at the few who support act's of terror here and abroad, it's clear that the British Muslim community has a major problem and is protecting Islamic terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda .But in so doing so they paint a picture that all Asians are the same which is just not true we know you will never see a British Muslim come out attacking the fanatics in English in public. But the government still fund Muslim community centers and mosques .and you still see different Muslim groups on TV saying how hard done by they are. followed up by the left wing media .The fact is young Muslims think act's like 911 and 77 are allowed in the name of Islam and Islam it's self is about jihad (fighting say's Anjem Choudary)

The young do not understand that the British public will not stand for more of this Muslim terrorism and Muslim drug gangs and lately we have seen Muslim sex rape gangs does Islam teach British Muslims to rape children? Bomb civilians? And import drugs to sell on British streets which see's a rise in crime for users to pay for their habits, because most Asians I know hate all forms of terrorism, rape, drugs and call all who take part in these crimes criminals .which is what they are common criminals that have no place in the Asian community .it will take many years to heal the wounds of the British public over the recent Muslim sex gangs in Rochdale the children in the case will never recover from the crimes committed by Muslim men who had strong links to their local mosques. It is part of British history the day British Muslims attacked the London tube network and a bus on 77, and how many young people have died from drug over doses from Islamic drug gangs importing drugs to fund terrorism.

It is something the Asian community has to do to clear its name from the shame brought on it by thugs and the Muslim community. Muslims have got to start turning in radicals to the police, shame on the whole Islamic community for not speak out and demanding a end to terrorism, drugs and sex gangs in the name of Islam.

It is the Islamic community's failures to report crime that the whole non Islamic Asian community was branded by the British media as sex perverts .it was left to a few to complain even the EDL English defense league defended Asians pointing out the crimes were committed by Muslims.

But the left wing Muslim press still jumped to Muslim demands .saying the right wing were stirring up racial tension .The crimes young girls being gang raped by Muslim men in Rochdale connected to mosques being defended by newspapers like the Guardian who quoted Islamic spokesmen saying the far right are using these cases to stir up racist feelings in the town. The fact are, every sane person in the country is sick of this type of crime and left wing press spin calling it Asian!

When in fact it was Muslim men in Rochdale, but the commie Guardian could not say Muslim they spread their Islamic hate message towards the peaceful Asian communities. and paid radical Islamic groups for their quotes and story's on racism caused by the action of members of the Islamic faith. trying so hard to find a story that took the public eye off the truth the cancer of Islam has just wrecked the life's of so many young girls who will now suffer from mental health problems for the rest of their life's the images of Muslim men attacking and raping them will stay with them. The evil cancer of drugs smuggled into UK by Muslim drug gangs and the evil of terrorism is a cancer which will see many more victims as the weak Muslim community cannot find it's self strong enough to speak out about terrorist organizations operating in the UK.

Become a real Asian report the terrorists as it's the right thing to do.We are speaking about the same terrorist organisations who on audio tapes plotted to kill Yasser Arafat calling him a traitor to the Palestinian people. what hope is there of peace in the mid-east with British Muslims plotting to kill Palestinian leaders. It's up to you my Asian brothers and sisters as I am retired from spying you know that it is right to help so help the Britsh and your Governments by informing on Islamic terrorism and other sick crimes to our intelligence services who will act. .

- Asian Tribune –

Threat .... ex-member of Asian gang Amir tells all about underworld

Muslims took over British underworld the day Twin Towers fell... other gangs are terrified we're al-Qaeda


Published: 15th February 2010

IN traditional Islamic headgear, Asian ex-gang member Amir poses with his sword and issues the stark warning: "Britain's underworld belongs to the Muslims."

The 21-year-old, whose organisation turned over thousands of pounds a day from drug-dealing and credit card scams, claims a post-9/11 fear of terrorism has allowed Muslims to develop a stranglehold on our criminal community.

Through Islam, he says, they have numbers which cannot be matched, and rival gangs are being forced out by ruthless Islamic criminals who only deal with each other.

They recruit black and white members in Britain's jails, tempting them to convert to Islam in exchange for a cushier life inside.

Once released, the converted cons have access to an entirely new network of Muslim criminal contacts — and are trusted because they pray to Allah.

Amir claims that Britain's underworld will soon be completely dominated by Islamic gangs — and he says the West's paranoia over terrorism is to blame. "People don't f*** with us because they think we're all in al-Qaeda," he explains.

"Our status in the criminal hierarchy changed literally the day the Twin Towers went down."

"From then, Asians have been associated with terrorism. People, including other criminals, think if you're Asian you'll blow up a Tube train or bomb an aeroplane."

"In the past 20 years we've capitalised on that. If we're going to be thought of as extremists, why not use that fear?"

"The reality is that Asian gangs don't give much of toss about religion, but with Islam comes fear, and with fear comes power."

Strangehold ... Amir poses with sword as he tells of power of Asian gangs on British underworld

"Religion is important to us only as a way of defining who we can trust and who we can work with."

Amir adds: "Young Muslim gangs aren't worried about what Allah makes of their criminal ways — they don't believe in it to that extent.

"Through religion we speak the same language, live in the same areas, go to the same schools and can even use mosques as a safe place away from the police or other gangs. If you f*** with a Muslim gang you'd better be able to run fast or hide well, because they will come back at you in numbers."

You do not have to look far to find an example of this.

In 2007 white schoolboy Henry Webster was beaten with a hammer by a huge gang of Asian pupils calling themselves the Asian Invasion. The 15-year-old pupil at the Ridgeway School in Wroughton, Wilts, was left brain-damaged.

Since then, it has been said in court that the school was the scene of numerous violent incidents involving Asian youths who were "radicalised and hostile" since the 2005 London bombings.

And in March last year, Judge Giles Forrester warned that London's streets are becoming "increasingly dangerous places" as he jailed an Asian gang for stabbing to death rival black gang member Jevon Henry, 18, in north London.


Jevon Henry and a pal had been trying to extort money from drug dealer Muhid Abdul, 25.

The pair were ambushed on the Lisson Green estate by Abdul and four accomplices. Abdul stabbed Henry, while pal Toufajul Miah, 19, hit him with a hammer.

Amir claims another motive for his own choice of weapon. He says: "We carry swords for protection. I've had to use mine more than once.

"Problem is, these days nobody fights on their own. You'll get attacked by a whole gang, so you have to have something like this to stop people messing.

"Some people do carry guns, but very rarely. The police constantly stop and search young Asians in London and I'd rather get caught with this than a gun because the punishment is less."

The Sun discovered that most of Britain's prisons are dominated by Muslim gangs.

We spoke to a former prisoner we will refer to only as Steven, who was repeatedly approached by prison imams — Muslim priests — and asked to convert. Steven, who is British-born and white, rejected the approaches.

He says: "When I went inside the Muslims offered me help from top lawyers on the outside who would fight to get my sentence changed, if I joined them.

"I always resisted, but you have to understand how tempting it is to convert. First, you have their protection. You're totally alone in prison when you get there, and if you can't look after yourself life is hell. You're beaten, robbed and bullied.

"Second, every Friday Muslims are allowed prayer meetings. This is free time away from the guards, so they can plot, make new contacts and often discuss anti-West ideology.

"Muslims also get better food. They have money sent in for their kitchens from the Muslim community outside, and they get special Halal dishes stipulated by Islam.

"Then, when a converted prisoner finishes his time, he leaves as an even bigger criminal with an entirely new contact book of Muslim criminals to do business with."

'To avoid a life of hell you join a gang' ... Amir says recruitment to Asian criminal groups starts early
'To avoid a life of hell you join a gang' ... Amir says recruitment to Asian criminal groups starts early

Steven, who has spent time in eight prisons, adds: "Where the Muslim gangs come into their own is shifting drugs. If a white gang from London buys a kilo of coke, they then have to sell it.

"You can only sell your gear if you have contacts. The white gang will only know a few people in their area and won't trust or be trusted by other gangs. They won't deal with Eastern European, black or Asian gangs.

"But the Muslim network is vast and stretches up and down the UK, so they can shift drugs extremely quickly. That makes the money-making potential of a Muslim gang a hundred times that of a British or European gang."

Drug-dealing and credit card fraud are the areas in which London-based Asian gangs are most active. In fact, some dealers get so busy that even their mobile phone SIM cards become a commodity.

Steven says: "A drug gang's number can be worth hundreds of thousands. Say they have 100 punters phoning that number every day asking for a fix — that means thousands of pounds of business.

"The SIM card of that phone can be sold to another gang because the junkies who phone don't give a s**t who is dropping off their crack or smack, they'll just keep calling.

"I've heard of SIM cards selling for up to £250,000."

According to Amir, Asian gangs start early. He says: "If you go to school in an ethnic area you either join a gang or end up bullied, in some cases to the point of being killed.

"So to avoid a life of hell a kid joins a gang. Once you're in, life is easy — no more beatings, people to talk to, stuff to do.

"After school you graduate into more serious gang activity. You've got no qualifications because you've spent your school years resisting authority, and suddenly you need to make money.

"A boss can make up to £8,000 a day running a gang of 40 workers drug-dealing or scamming credit cards, and a worker can make £1,000.

"With the police getting more intelligent and busting people more, money is getting harder to make.

"Ten years ago, Asian gangs would go to war with Yardies and white gangs. But now, we've got London all sewn up, so the only people we end up warring with is each other.

"We have no one to compete with other than our own people, so Muslim gangs are starting to fight.

"Muslims have this country under control. Nobody can touch us."

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