Freedom Under Fire


Published on Mar 22, 2014


Ret. CIA Agent Kevin M. Shipp gives public speech regarding the attack on the freedoms of American citizens today.



"The government has created an intelligence apparatus so big not even Congress knows the extent of its operations - and which violates the 1st and 4th amendments as a matter of standard procedure." SHIPP

Kevin Shipp August 7 2013
Former CIA Operations Officer

• Counterintelligence Investigator
• Counter Terrorism Officer
• Polygraph Examiner
In the United States, we now have a secret government that functions outside the US Constitution. Not even the US Congress knows the size and scope of US intelligence operations, which are now being conducted inside the United States. There are 1,271 government organizations involved in secrecy – all located inside the US.
This includes the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and the INS and now we know it includes the DEA.
The NSA – Collecting all of our phone calls, e-mails, Internet use and credit card transactions - 1.5 billion/day and storing them in a massive facility. The NSA is also collecting information on our allies – Allies angry, has damaged international relations.
NSA claims it is only collecting billing records, or metadata – incoming/outgoing calls. Former NSA career officer Thomas Drake, Snowden and others say that the content of these communications is there - and can be recovered with a key stroke.
NSA claims it uses "reasonable suspicion" to pursue this information – Not probable cause – A violation of the 4th Amendment.
In the midst of this huge scandal surrounding the NSA, all of the sudden, the NSA leaks information claiming it has intelligence of impending Al Qaeda attacks, specifically in Yemen. The NSA is leaking what would otherwise be highly classified information to justify its massive spying program. But this does not justify collecting information on US citizens.
Many analysts, including myself and Congressional officials suggest that amplifying a terrorist threat now is an intentional effort to divert public and international attention away from the NSA's massive data collection programs. The NSA itself has made the claim that information identifying the terrorist threat is a result of the NSA spying program.
While the administration is prosecuting leakers and threatening whistleblowers, it is leaking what would be highly classified information - to justify spying on American citizens.
The DEA – Has admitted to receiving spying information from the NSA, CIA and FBI to start domestic criminal investigations, not related to terrorism, without probable cause and without a warrant. The DEA has been making arrests based on information collected by spying powers – which can only be used for foreign intelligence or counter terrorism investigations, then fabricating other reasons for making arrests – A direct violation of 4th Amendment. This potentially makes all of these arrests illegal and could result in the cases being thrown out.
The CIA – Is blocking information from Congress regarding what really happened in Benghazi. The Agency concealed the number of CIA officers on the ground during the attack and the number injured. The injured were locked away at Walter Reed Army hospital, with government agents guarding the doors. Access to these witnesses by Congress was denied.
Now, the CIA is polygraphing - monthly - the CIA employees who witnessed the attack, threatening their careers and essentially the security of their families. Most of them are terrified. Few are willing to sacrifice their careers, the security of their families and are terrified of being convicted and going to jail.
I am a former CIA polygraph examiner. This type of test is called a Special Issue Polygraph test. It is usually only used in cases of suspected espionage. It is illegal to use it to silence witnesses and block information from getting to Congress.
The CIA claims it is not doing this and has made these survivors available to Congress. Congress disputes that claim. Remember, it is the CIA's operational procedure to lie and conceal its operations. It is professionally called "Plausible Denial" – Even though the facts are there, you simply continue to deny it. In short, they are lying to Congress. As a CIA agent, I witnessed this personally.
In my entire career with the CIA, and I was in CIA internal security, I never saw the Specific Issue Polygraph test used for this purpose, with this much frequency. The CIA is going to great lengths to cover up its actions in Benghazi and keep its agents from testifying.
The CIA is inflicting significant fear and intimidation on these agents, using their secrecy - or non-disclosure – agreement, which threatens civil or criminal penalties for leaking classified information, to prevent these people from talking to Congress. I have a copy of the secrecy, or non-disclosure, agreement.
The secrecy agreement was created to prevent legitimate leaks of classified information that could damage US security. Essentially it is a contract binding the employee to abide by US espionage laws. To use the agreement to silence witnesses or cover up negligence and unconstitutional activity - is a breach of that contract by the CIA.
The CIA will also use the State Secrets Privilege to shut down any inquiry into these secret operations and stop and seal any court cases brought against it; in violation of due process and the 1st amendment. I personally witnessed this when I was in the CIA.
Prior to the Benghazi attack, the CIA armed the rebels guarding the American compound in Libya, which turned out to be Al Qaeda supporters and were connected to the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.
From what we know so far, it is apparent that the CIA was supplying arms and missiles to Turkey, for transport to the Syrian rebels. This includes secret airlifts of arms and equipment.
This is a violation of international law and was done without the approval of Congress. Since then, these weapons have been,provided directly to Syrian rebel Jihadists, some of which have connections to Al Qaeda. Because the rebels have
been capturing their own caches of weapons recently, and the increasing intensity of the Benghazi scandal, these CIA operations have been reduced.
With the Bin Laden killing, president Obama gave a minute by minute account of events. With Benghazi we have a series of cover ups and the administration refuses to provide even the most basic information.
I come from the belly of the beast and I have seen the CIA engage in this sort of activity. It is a system of coercion and cover up the CIA has used and perfected since the 1950s. It is a vast system of secrecy that totally silences legitimate whistleblowers and buries information, keeping it from Congress - and even from the intelligence oversight committees.
With the current power held by the NSA, CIA and the FBI, our government has created a monster, which functions by its own rules and violates the constitutional balance of powers - making the president and the executive branch the equivalent of a monarchy.
We are living in a post-Constitutional era in the United States. The government has created an intelligence apparatus so big not even Congress knows the extent of its operations - and which violates the 1st and 4th amendments as a matter of standard procedure. We are in a Constitutional Crisis.





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