Lt Col Bill Cowan

LtCol. Bill Cowan, USMC (Ret.)
CEO, wvc3, inc.
Military Analyst, The Intelligence Summitsm

A former Navy enlisted man, graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, and retired Marine Corps officer, Bill spent three and a half years on combat assignments in Viet Nam, the majority in small unit operations, including extensive experience with the Central Intelligence Agency. In the 1980's he was specially selected to serve as one of the first members and as the only Marine at the time in the Pentagon's most classified counterterrorist unit, known now as Task Force Orange. While there, he served as senior military operations officer and field operative on covert and clandestine missions into the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

Following retirement from the Marine Corps in 1985, he served two years on the staff of U.S. Senator Warren B. Rudman as a legislative assistant and as the Senator's primary staff assistant during the Iran/Contra hearings. He was also a principal drafter of the legislation creating the U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, FL.

From 1989 through 1994, he was again involved in numerous operations in the Middle East in response to terrorist incidents and the holding of Western hostages in Beirut and Kuwait. In 1990, on behalf of a major New York law firm and working with former CIA Director Bill Colby, he organized and successfully conducted a series of operations resulting in the repatriation of a number of Western hostages from Iraqi-occupied Kuwait.

In addition to appearing regularly on the Fox News Channel, he is CEO of wvc3, inc. (on the web at, a company providing homeland security services, support, and technologies to government and commercial clients. Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Cowan is a Military Analyst with The Intelligence Summit.


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