Dr Rachel Ehrenfeld

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
Consultant to State and Defense Departments
Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld's new book Funding Evil;  How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It, Bonus Books, 2003, 2005). She is the director of the New York-based  American Center for Democracy, and the Center for the Study of  Corruption & the Rule of Law.  Her previous book are:  Evil Money, Encounters Along the Money Trail (HarperCollins in 1992, SPI, 1994), and  Narco-Terrorism;  How Governments around the World used the Drug Trade to Finance and Further Terrorist Activities (Basic Books, 1990 & 1992).  Dr. Ehrenfeld is a commentator and consultant on the problems of terror financing, international terrorism, political corruption,  money laundering, drug trafficking, and organized crime and the connections that binds these groups together. She's currently working  on a new book on the Islamist penetration of the US and Western economies. 

Dr. Ehrenfeld has lectured on these issues in many countries, and has advised banking communities, law enforcement agencies, and  governments in many countries, including the U.S. Defense Department's Threat Reduction Agency. She testified before the European  Parliament on how the Palestinian Authority uses aid money to fund its terror activities, provided evidence to the UK Parliament  on the corruption of the PA, and testified before the U.S. Congress on terrorism related issues. 

Dr. Ehrenfeld's articles appear in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, the National Review, the Euobserver, The Jerusalem  Post, The NY SUN, and the L.A. Times. She appears as an expert commentator on television and radio news programs, including The  O'Reilly Factor, Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC. 

Dr. Ehrenfeld worked as a research scholar at New York University School of Law, a visiting scholar at the Columbia University  Institute of War and Peace Studies, and as a fellow at Johns Hopkins's SAIS. Her Ph.D. in Criminology is from the Hebrew University  School of Law. 





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